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Forcefield FF1024 Backprotector Pro Sub 4K (M)

EAN-number 5060247827643
Display price179,95 148,72 Excluded VAT
Article number 95854-M-100
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The award winning Forcefield Pro Sub 4K back protector was designed to
withstand greater impacts than any other motorcycle back protector currently
available and at just 3.38kN transmitted energy when subject to the CE test
EN1621-2:2003 Level 2, that aim was achieved and certified by testing
specialists SATRA.
Suitable for motorcycle racing, street riding or touring the Pro Sub 4 protects
with the high shock absorbing material Nitrex Evo® which is highly efficient at
absorbing energy as well as being soft, flexible and comfortable to wear with
3d moulding capabilities.
Constructed with a removable & washable outer cover to give the rider the
ability to keep the back protector clean and hygienic. It also makes the protector
more flexible as it is not bonded at the edges, this in turn makes the Pro
Sub 4 more comfortable to wear, a prime consideration in the design process
of any Forcefield product.
As with all Forcefield Body Armour® the Forcefield Pro Sub 4 back protector
has RPT (Repeat Performance Technology) ensuring continued and consistent
protection even after multiple impacts.
Winning a prestigious Motorcycle News Product Of The Year award for its
class leading performance the Forcefield Pro Sub 4 leads the way in
motorcycle rider protection.
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