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Forcefield Backprotector Blade (S)

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Artikelnummer 95842-S-100
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The Blade back protector is simplicity at its best.
The all-new Blade Back Protectorwas designed with very clear objectives, to be as lightweight as possible, to
be as flexible as possible and to be as thin as possible whilst still offering unrivalled levels of impact protection.
Using a very simple layered design the Blade is made from Forcefield’s shock absorbing material NitrexEvo®
in an “open system” which allows it to move free of obstruction from stitching and binding creating a highly
flexible and comfortable back protector that 3D moulds to the riders exact body shape.
As with all Forcefieldprotectors the Blade incorporates Repeat Performance Technology (RPT) ensuring continued
and consistent protection even after multiple impacts along with fully adjustable waist and shoulder
straps to ensure the optimum fit and comfort and is made breathable by a series of vent channels on the
The CE Level 2 certified Blade Back Protector achieves all of its design objectives and more.
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