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Forcefield FF11001 GTech Shirt (01-XS)

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Artikelnummer 95872-XS-100
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GTech Shirt (CE2 Part no; FF11001)
Easy to wear, with protection covering the back (CE2), chest (CE2), shoulder and
elbow (option of CE1 or CE2) this is a great way to protect the upper body to a higher level
than armour fitted as standard into jackets – and it’s far more comfortable.
Forcefield armour has a unique 3D moulding characteristic, while able to withstand multiple impacts.
Anatomically designed to contour exactly to the wearers body shape ensures complete non-restrictive comfort, and safety!
• Up to 90% Recycled Yarn
• Secure armour fit
• Ideal for use under outer jackets
• Lightweight, high performance compression material
• Breathable
• Choice of Isolator CE1 or CE2 limb armour
• Armour thickness from only 8mm (CE1)
• Isolator 2 passes all 4 areas of the CE2 test (Ambient, Wet, Hot, Cold)
• CE2 Freefit layered back and chest armour
• Repeat Performance Technology
• Side entry zip
• DRI-M Technology (Dynamic, Reactive, Intelligent Material)

Sizes Available: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large
Technology: Recycled yarns, Flexible Layering System, Heat Activated, Breathable, Soft & Comfortable,
Lightweight, Repeat Performance Technology, High Energy Absorption, Anti-bacterial, Machine Wash, Wicking.
The GTech Shirt is also available without armour.

“The GTech base layer range utilises a high performing wicking, breathable fabric constructed
from the latest in recycled yarns to achieve comfort and protection in an ecologically responsible garment.”

Contains recycled polyester from ocean waste plastics
90 % less water used in manufacture*
80% less CO2 used in manufacture*
100 % recyclable fabric
*Compared to virgin polyester

Designed to complement the higher specification Pro XV2 AIR Range,
The G-Tech range is our high performance, environmentally responsible and more affordable armoured base-layer.

Supremely comfortable, it utilises compression fit technology and is equipped with the
very best Forcefield protection. The Body Armour is super soft, 3D mouldable and heat
reactive delivering the ultimate comfort in a low-bulk garment

At a price point where some armour brands might offer lower grade armour, we are passionate
that we should not compromise on protection levels. This is why you will find our highest
spec “Freefit” CE Level 2 Back and Chest protection fitted as standard. The wearer can then
choose whether the garment is fitted with Isolator CE1 or CE2 limb armour. This gives greater
flexibility in terms of armour characteristics, temperature and usage.

Armour worn in base layer compression fit clothing is the safest, most comfortable and practical means of protection.
All Forcefield armour within the range benefits from DRI-M technology
(Dynamic, Reactive, Intelligent Material)

The GTech Range consists of:
• GTech Shirt
• GTech Jacket
• GTech Pants
• GTech Tube

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