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Forcefield FF6012 Base Layer Shirt (Short Sleeves) XL

45,41 exclusief btw
Artikelnummer 95849-XL-100
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Inspired by Geothermic Phenomena observed on Earth the Forcefield
Base Layer Shirt has been created using BeCool™ the first
polyamide fibre with integrated airflow control a function that
maintains body temperature during sports and leisure activities.
Through a four chanelled thread BeCool™ has a greater diffusive
area than standard thread, upto three times greater than cotton,
which allows it to act like a fan forcing the skins hot and humid
air towards the outer layer of the fabric while allowing cool and
dry air to circulate from the outside into the surface of the skin.
It is further enhanced by its softness, lightness and silky touch
creating a cool freshness to the skin combined with seamless and
flat seam technology to ensure that the fabric does not rub or
chaff during activity.
The Forcefield Base Layer also has an antibacterial element built
within to help maintain freshness.
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