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Forcefield FF6053 Tech 3 Pant (03-M)

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Artikelnummer 95879-M-100
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The Forcefield Tech 3 the most technically advanced base layer available.
There are 3 important reasons why.

1. Engineered Yarn formulation, mixing both Becool and Dryarn ensure massive performance.
2. The very latest Seamless loom production results in comfort and stength.
3. The overall garment structure and assembly ensures the perfect ergonomic compression fit.

Garment features.

• Becool and Dryarn; The perfect mix delivering intelligent characteristics and temperature regulation.

4 channel fibre technology. This means massive wicking ability, pulling mosture away from the skin,
of course great in hot conditions.

Light, and has an abilty to dry super fast, so even when the body is working hard in cooler conditions,
the garment wicks, and importantly drys fast, ensuring wind chill is kept to a minimum- keeping you warm in cooler conditions.

• Seamless Technology; Thin, yet amazing strength
Seamless loom technology creates a garment that is both supreamly comfortable, yet incredibly strong in
its construction. Even when worn regulary, these are built to last. The complexity of the knit means that
that the process takes 2 ½ times longer to produce than a normal base layer

• Superior comfort; Ergonomic Compression fit
Close fitting, enabling the intellegent yarns to work at their very best.
The garment fit and cut have been carefully thoughtout to make sure its comfortable,
and supportive, without being too tight.

• Massaging inner surface fabric
Super soft feel, and the ability to stimulate the skin, aiding the wicking and temperature regulation.

• Anti Bacterial Proprties
Built into the garments, great for long days, helps comfort and makes for a more enjoyable experiance.
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