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Forcefield FF9011 Sport Suit Lv.2 (M)

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Artikelnummer 95868-M-100
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Forcefield Sport Suit CE2 FF9011

One piece ‘Sport’ base layer armoured under-suit. 9 armour pockets.
(Shoulder/elbow/hip/knee/back armour.) Ideal for under leather as a racers/track garment. Also, dual use and will be just as usable and practical as an adventure base layer garment.

• Modular- Armour removable
• Choice of Isolator CE1 or CE2 limb armour. (Back Protection is always CE2 as standard)
• The safest way to use motorcycle protection. Close fitting, less likely to move in an impact, in comparison with armour positioned in the outer garment.
• One-piece suit, improves the comfort of wearing leathers and textile outer garments.
• Two way Zip
• Makes getting in and out of leathers easier
• Breathable
• Wicking
• Easy to wash and keep fresh, keeping outer wear fresher for longer
• Secure armour fit
• Lightweight, high performance base layer material.
• Isolator 2 passes all 4 areas of the CE2 test (Ambient, Wet, Hot, Cold)
• Isolator 1 armour is from only 8mm thick
• Repeat Performance Technology
• Use for on and off road
• DRI-M Technology (Dynamic, Reactive, Intelligent Material)

A high performing, base layer armoured clothing suit from Forcefield.

Supremely comfortable, classy and breathable, it utilises compression fit technology and is equipped with a CE2 ‘Freefit’ back insert.
As with our other armoured clothing, the wearer can choose whether it’s fitted with Isolator CE1 or CE2 limb armour. This gives greater flexibility in terms of price, and armour characteristics. For example, a rider who rides predominantly off road in hot conditions, may well chose the CE1 limb armour as it’s thinner and lighter and offers greater breathability. Fast track or race use, CE2 is the preferred option.

The fabric used is a high performance, breathable base layer, specifically designed for use under regular motorcycle clothing, whether it’s casual, textile or leather.
The Sport Suit is suitable for many types of motorcycle riders, from professional racers, to track day enthusiasts to adventure tour and travel riders.

You can find only CE2 back protection within the Sport Suit. (A CE1 version is available as an aftermarket part)
Armour worn in base layer compression fit clothing is the safest, most comfortable and practical means of protection.
All Forcefield armour within the range benefits from DRI-M technology (Dynamic, Reactive, Intelligent Material).
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