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Furygan 4412-1 Lancaster Black XL

EAN-nummer 3435980242831
66,07 exclusief btw
Artikelnummer 65508-XL-100
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The Lancaster is a short-cuffed glove with a style that pays great attention to detail. With a comprehensive range of impressive features, the Lancaster will become your must-have summer accessory.

• Lancaster is CE approved.
• Main external material: goat leather and vented Polyester, for softness, comfort and abrasion resistance.
• Furygan Skin Protect lining, Approved by Furygan’s R&D (Motion Lab)
• External protection shell for metacarpals. Multiple reinforcements made with doubled leather layer and additional foam on areas exposed to abrasion in a crash situation.
• Palm made with 100% Leather.
• Half-Textile, Half-Leather and pre-shaped, the Lancaster are light, soft and offers a high level of feeling on the handlebars.
• Vented
• Wrist adjusters
• Comfort reinforcement on the top of the palm and inside the thumb.
• Between each finger , at the bottom, has been placed a specific textile insert to reach a superior stage of comfort.
• Articulated metacarpal protection shell to ease finger flexion.

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