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Furygan Tanker.

Furygan’s tanker bag is the perfect way to transport your race gear… or holiday wear! This sturdy, spacious bag makes it easy to keep your gear organized and ready to use. You’ll wonder how you ever  managed without it!
  • Spacious main compartment that you an divide into two separate compartments.
  • Capacity: 133 liters and 166 with gusset.
  • Two travel pockets to access your documents to keep easily accessible your belongings when traveling.
  • L40xw83xh40 (50 with additional gusset)
  • Five handles, one of which, to pull the bag, is retractable and made from aluminum for lightness.
  • Wheels with rubber to roll silently and for more comfort.
Furygan 7449-1 Bags Tanker Black
Furygan 7449-1 Bags Tanker Black

Furygan 7449-1 Bags Tanker Black

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