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Sidi Rex AIR Black 42

EAN-nummer 8017732536112
inclusief btw459,95 380,12 exclusief btw Adviesprijs380,12
Artikelnummer 52461-42-102
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Sidi Rex is a sports boot that has been developed with the help of the many years of experience that Sidi has built up, featured in the toughest racing events out there (MotoGP included)!

The first thing you will probably notice about these modern boots is the three separate buckles which allow for an optimal fit. Another attractive feature is the boot’s reinforced ankle protector made of fibreglass which is integrated with the significantly improved heel protection. These together create an incredibly strong boot that will not get stuck in the asphalt in the event of an accident.

Soft materials are used inside the boot in the right places, such as on the opening, the heel and in front of the ankle to provide comfort and mobility that would usually seem impossible for a boot with such a high level of protection.

Openable ventilation holes are all over the boot, including on the replaceable toe sliders.

- Perforated version.
- DuPont® polymer reinforcement over gearbox.
- Perforated Teflon-treated fabric on the inside.
- Reinforced racing sole for a great feel on the footpegs.
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