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SIXS Windshell Motorcycle jacket Black S

EAN-nummer 8032896058522
inclusief btw129,95 107,40 exclusief btw Adviesprijs107,40
Artikelnummer 66500-S-100
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Windshell Bike Jersey
The WINDSHELL jersey is a long sleeve cycling jersey ideal for the fall and spring, when the temperatures still require protection against the cold air.

Made from breathable polypropylene enhanced with 3D-insert technology in the areas most prone to sweating, so as to promote the expulsion of moisture and body heat. On the front is a membrane to shield against the wind and repel water, to protect you against cold gusts of wind.

Reflective insert to increase visibility and a practical pocket with three compartments.

The Activewear line brings the technology and benefits of our Underwear to outerwear products as well thanks to the innovative SIXS Carbon Activewear fabric. The formulation is the same, but the weight is specifically designed to be worn as an outer garment.The Activewear garments can be combined with the Underwear line, enhancing the outstanding qualities of SIXS textile technology.

Activewear collection dedicated to cycling, revolutionized and expanded with new products and colors. Bib Tights and Bike Jerseys made of Carbon Activewear are ideal to be worn in direct contact with skin or over a garment of the Underwear line. Complete your style. Create your total SIXS look.

Series: Activewear
External Temperature: Cool 5°/20°
Gender: Man + Woman
Product Type: Long Sleeves
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