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Furygan 6946-1 Pants Duke Black L

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The Furygan Duke textile trousers are designed to face tough conditions.
They will be a dependable garment for any rider, but particularly those that
refuse to be stopped by the elements. Come cold weather, wind and rain,
the Duke trousers promise a warm, dry and comfortable journey with the
highest level of protection.

Protection / Security
• Duke is CE homologated.
• Main external material : high tenacity
Polyester. Robust, and abrasion
• Main external material :high tenacity
Polyester. Robust, and abrasion
• D3O homologated protectors for
knees, and hips, which offer full protection
without restricting comfort and
freedom of movement.
• Additional foam pads on the hips.

Ergonomics / Comfort
• Waterproof and breathable insert.
• Removable thermal padded lining.
• Internal lining constructed from
80% hypoallergenic cotton for
increased comfort.
• Two connecting zips (one short
and one full) mounted on an elastic
• Elastic waist, for a good fit.
• Stretch panels on the knees for
increased flexibility.
• Adjustable at the waist and bottom
of the legs.
• Zippable flap at the bottom of the
legs to put them on easily.
• Adjustable hems by scratch.
• One external pocket.
• The Duke trousers material is
compatible with almost all Furygan’s
textile products except Titan.
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