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Furygan 6534-252 Leather suit Full Apex White-Green 58

644,59 exclusief btw
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Is there any uncompromising field to test a product
such as a racetrack ? Coming directly from our racing
experience with top riders, the Full Apex is creating
new race suits standards at Furygan. Pure comfort,
maximum safety, perfect feeling, in order to make all
your moves natural and set your mind free to make
sure you’ll reach the apex each time, everywhere,
whatever the ride and the conditions.


• Kevlar reinforcement in the hips and seat to improve
leather resistance and delay heat transmission caused
by abrasion.
• New integral racing sleeves. Equipped with hightenacity
bi-stretch assembled with the triple stitching
technique. This new sleeve offers unparalleled
comfort and mobility.
• Homologated D3O protectors for elbows, shoulders
and knees (1621-1 level 1).
• Removable back hump.
• Elbows and shoulders thermoformed external shells.
• Numerous stretch panels (high-tenacity
bi-stretch and leather stretch) to improve mobility.
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