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Furygan 4421-1 Gloves Raven D3O Black 3XL

82,60 exclusief btw
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If you're looking for a 100% leather glove, which offers premium protection and defence
against the elements, take a look at the Raven. Designed for hardcore riders seeking a
discreet but infallible ally, they're the perfect partner to rack up the miles with.

• Raven D3O is CE approved as PPE.
• Main External material: goat leather.
• D3O protectors for metacarpals.
• Palm and fingers equipped with foam reinforcements and doubled layer of leather.
• Waterproof and breathable insert.
Lining made from specific brushed knitted fabric for comfort, thinsulate padded thermal
lining that traps and holds body heat, and allows moisture to escape for protection
against the cold.
• The D3O metacarpal shell brings an unrivalled comfort, by suppressing potential hard
• Medium lengh cuff and specific adjuster, allowing you to choose to wear the glove
insideo r outside the sleeve.
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